Computerized skin analysis

Precise visualization of skin condition

The device allows us to create a 3D image of your face by synchronizing digital photos. The device offers precise visualization of the skin’s condition, which makes it easier to diagnose imperfections like pigmentation disorders, tissue losses, and helps examine skin components. The device recognizes enlarged pores, red spots and a range of defects that may be faintly visible to the naked eye, separating red and brown discolorations.


Analysis of photogrammetric parameters

Once the images are obtained, we subject them to analysis using advanced photogrammetric parameters. The device analyzes the skin’s condition from a volumetric and measurement perspective, allowing it to capture even the smallest defects with sub-millimeter precision. This gives us a precise map of the shape and visual defects of the face.


Careful assessment of skin surface lesions and adjustment of treatment

The device not only enables accurate assessment of lesions on the surface of the skin, but also provides specialists with the necessary tools to fine-tune the most appropriate treatment techniques through in-depth analysis.
As a result, we can provide our patients with comprehensive care and an individually tailored approach to their needs, ensuring the best treatment results. The procedure is short and non-invasive.