Laser-assisted vacuum drainage and body shaping

Jakie efekty daje zabieg?

The treatment combines mechanical vacuum massage with the energy of a biostimulating laser and LED light, inducing a photochemical effect in the tissues and stimulating greater permeability of cell membranes.


The 915 nm wavelength of the diode laser penetrates deep into the tissue, where it is strongly absorbed by lipids in adipocytes. This raises their temperature and accelerates the process of lipolysis. It naturally breaks down fat cells into glycerol and free fatty acids. Reduces cellulite by reducing the volume of adipocytes. Accelerates cellular metabolism.


Light with a wavelength of 650nm acts on fibroblasts and stimulates collagen and elastin production. It also affects the permeability of the cell membrane of adipocytes, causing the pores within it to open, allowing the released fat to drain into the lymphatic system without damaging the cells.


Indications for treatment:


– cellulite (aqueous, fat)
– local excess body fat, overweight
– flaccid skin
– circulation problems, lymphedema
– body shaping
– Preparation for liposuction surgery and after liposuction surgery

Dla kogo przeznaczony jest zabieg?

The treatment is designed for people:


– having a problem with loose skin
– unsuccessfully struggling with deeply localized fat, difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise
– struggling with excess weight and cellulite
– with lymphedema problems
– women after childbirth
– who participate in competitive or amateur sports
– preparing for liposuction surgery and after liposuction surgery

Na czym polega zabieg?

The procedure is carried out in a special elastic costume. Using unique heads, one or two stages of treatment can be performed:


1. drainage – a basic, draining treatment to reduce lymphedema;
2. focus, which is a treatment performed with a larger head, additionally equipped with LED light and diode laser, for deeper stimulation, accelerated regeneration and improved skin firmness.


The number of treatments depends on the patient’s needs. Most often, a series of 10 procedures should be carried out. The number and frequency of treatments is determined by the therapist during an individual consultation with the patient. Hoping for the best results, in addition to choosing the right program, it is important to be systematic.

Co będziesz odczuwać podczas zabiegu?

During the treatment, the skin is felt to be sucked in and slightly cooled. The function of adjusting the intensity at which the treatment takes place allows the device to be tailored to the needs and condition of the individual patient.

Przeciwwskazania i działania niepożądane

Any medical procedure, including aesthetics, is fraught with the risk of side effects due to its invasiveness. The safety and comfort of the patient is our priority, so we make every effort to minimize risks at every step and immediately and professionally counteract possible complications. Exact information on each procedure, its course, preparation and possible side effects, is discussed at the consultation appointment preceding the procedure.


The main contraindications are:


– acute liver and kidney disease
– unregulated hypertension
– anticoagulation treatment
– varicose veins
– aneurysms
– pregnancy up to 3 months
– fever
– infectious diseases
– inflammatory psoriasis at the treatment site
– neoplastic and precancerous skin lesions, inflammation of the skin

Jak często należy powtarzać zabieg?

We usually recommend a series of 10 treatments, which can be repeated up to 2-3 times a week. Then, to maintain the effects, it is worth doing once a month, the so-called ‘booster’ treatment as a maintance therapy.