Platelet rich plasma

What are the effects of the treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an effective prophylaxis of the aging process and results in, among other things:


– restoration of damaged skin
– tension improvement
– skin tone evening
– smoothing
– hydration
– revitalization
– ‘glow’ effect
– skin regeneration after dermatological and plastic surgery procedures
– natural filling (combination therapies – fibrin)
– benefits when remodeling skin with stretch marks, scars.


It is also used in the prevention of baldness and improvement of hair condition.

Who is the treatment intended for?

The treatment is designed for people who are particularly demanding, who value natural products, and who suffer from various types of allergies.


Platelet-rich plasma is used:


– in people of all ages
– in the prevention and slowing down of the skin aging process
– in people whose skin is dehydrated, damaged, dry
– in people whose skin is sallow or has discoloration or uneven skin tone
– in case of hair loss, poor condition of hair
– acne scars
– dermatoses

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure involves administering to the patient an autologous preparation of platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood. Activated thrombocytes (platelets), contained in plasma, secrete growth factors that are important for skin cell regeneration, among other things. Stimulate the proliferation and maturation of epidermal cells, stimulate intercellular matrix synthesis, activate microcirculation, stimulate DNA synthesis, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen.


This multidirectionality provides spectacular anti-aging and therapeutic effects. Platelet-rich plasma-based technology has been used with great therapeutic success, for many years, in reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and dentistry, helping to restore damaged tissues.


The procedure is carried out by a doctor using a mesotherapy technique – making a series of punctures into the superficial layers of the skin, using a thin needle. The painfulness of the procedure depends on the individual sensitivity of the patient. In pain-sensitive patients, it may be preceded by the application of an anesthetic cream.
The type of preparation to be used and the therapeutic area, as well as the frequency of repetition of the treatment, are determined during consultation with the patient. Some of the possible body planes for therapy are the face, neck, décolleté, backs of the hands, and on the scalp to inhibit hair loss and improve hair condition.


The first effects of the treatment are visible after two weeks. Tissue remodeling begins as early as 48 hours after the first treatment.

How will you feel after the treatment?

The skin may be reddened, and transient bruising may appear. Depending on the administration technique and preparation, deposits of the drug may persist on the skin in the form of visible lumps from one to several days after treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

Any medical procedure, including aesthetics, is fraught with the risk of side effects due to its invasiveness.
The safety and comfort of the patient is our priority, so we make every effort to minimize risks at every step and immediately and professionally counteract possible complications. Exact information on each procedure, its course, preparation and possible side effects, is discussed at the consultation appointment preceding the procedure.


Contraindications for platelet-rich plasma treatment are: blood diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding, active infection, active herpes, purulent lesions on the skin, cancer during treatment, taking oral blood-thinning drugs, allergy to the components of the preparation.

How often should the treatment be repeated?

For best results, platelet-rich plasma treatments are performed in series. There are usually 3 to 5 treatments, performed at specific intervals. Their number and frequency are decided by the doctor during the consultation.