Soft hyaluronic acid lift using Dr. Agnes Frankel’s proprietary method

A soft facelift is an alternative to a surgical facelift. It meets the expectations of patients who want to revitalize their facial skin in a natural and gentle way, without the intervention of a surgeon.

What are the effects of the treatment?

The modern concept of soft facelift allows:


– regain lost facial proportions
– rejuvenate facial skin without the “mask effect”
– erase wrinkles
– give your face a fresh and radiant look
– improve skin tone and hydration
– reduce sagging cheeks
– revitalize and nourish the skin of the face, neck and décolleté

What are the effects of the treatment?

Soft lifting is dedicated to patients, of all ages, who want to contribute to the preservation of facial proportions and the youthful radiant appearance of facial skin for years to come. The treatment is particularly recommended for those who struggle with loss of moisture and skin tone. It is sensational for people who cannot afford a long recovery period and want to avoid surgical correction, as spectacular results can be achieved even after a single treatment.

Who is the treatment intended for?

Hyaluronic acid treatments have a virtually immediate effect. However, over time, the administered preparations degrade and are gradually absorbed by our body, as in the case of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. The effect of the treatment lasts, depending on the specifics of the site and the individual metabolic characteristics of our body, from 6 to even 12 months.

What does the procedure involve?

Soft lifting, also known as “soft lifting,” is an innovative method of administering hyaluronic acid. During the procedure, we use a blunt-tipped cannula to minimize bruising and swelling. This technique is based on the administration of hyaluronic acid products, in a linear fashion that allows us to achieve the effect of improving the appearance of the face, while maintaining natural proportions. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes. The entire procedure may be preceded by the application of a special anesthetic cream.

How will you feel after the treatment?

The first results of the therapy are visible practically immediately after the treatment. We can see the full effect after about 2-3 weeks, after the procedure. The procedure does not require special convalescence. The patient can immediately return to daily activities. Only small bruises or mild swelling may appear at the injection sites. It usually persists for up to a week after the procedure.

Contraindications and side effects

Any medical procedure, including aesthetics, is fraught with the risk of side effects due to its invasiveness. The safety and comfort of the patient is our priority, so we make every effort to minimize risks at every step and immediately and professionally counteract possible complications. Exact information on each procedure, its course, preparation and possible side effects, is discussed at the consultation appointment preceding the procedure.


General contraindications to filler treatments are:


– history of severe allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock
– coagulation disorders
– hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the preparation
– active herpes
– Open wounds in the treatment area
– use of antibiotic therapy
– pregnancy and lactation period